Volunteering and Offerings

Mad Camp is 100% volunteer!

We need people to help plan //now// as well as during July 20-24 on site to help.

Please email us at madcamp2023@gmail.com 

We are looking for organizers / planners / prep people.

As well as people who can bring offerings for the schedule of events day to day. Have a group exercise you want to offer? An art activity? An instrument you want to bring for a sing along? **Let us know**

Do please note – we are still sorting out the capacity at about 40-50 people, and the application process is not set. So as of now, volunteering does not guarantee a spot at Mad Camp, or guarantee a scholarships or work – trade tickets etc. It is probably almost certain that all volunteers would be approved to come of course – however – the process is super complex with budgeting so we want to make this as a caveat for all volunteers.

~ The Mad Camp Crew